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“Xbox 360 Controller Emulator” allows your controller (gamepad, joystick, steering wheel, pedals, etc.) to function as an Xbox 360 controller. It allows you to remap buttons and axes and to drive cars with Steering Wheel and Pedals or to fly planes with Joystick and Throttle in games like “Grand Theft Auto”, “Mafia” or “Saints Row” • Digitally Signed

XBOX 360 Controller emulator is a wrapper library that translates the XInput calls to DirectInput calls, to support non-XInput gamepads in applications (mostly games). In other words: It lets you use gamepads other than just the XBOX 360 controller with games that normally wouldn't support anything else.

System Requirements
• Windows Vista or newer.
• .NET 3.5 (includes 2.0 and 3.0) - included in Windows 7.
In Windows 8 and 10: Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off > enable “.NET Framework 3.5 (includes 2.0 and 3.0)”.
• .NET 4.6 (includes 4.0) - included in Windows 8 and 10.
• DirectX End-User Runtime (June 2010) - Required regardless of OS; .NET MUST be installed prior to the DirectX update.
• Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 - For x64 systems install both x86 and x64 redistributables.

• xinput1_3.dll (Library) - Translates XInput calls to DirectInput calls - supports old, non-XInput compatible GamePads.
• x360ce.exe - (Application) - Allows for editing and testing of Library settings.
• x360ce.ini - (Configuration) - Contain Library settings (button, axis, slider maps).
• x360ce.gdb - (Game Database) Includes required hook masks for various games).
• Dinput8.dll - (DirectInput 8 spoof/wrapping file to improve X360CE compatibility in rare cases).

Run this program from the same directory as the game executable. XInput library files exist with several different names and some games require a change in their name. Known names:

• xinput1_4.dll
• xinput1_3.dll
• xinput1_2.dll
• xinput1_1.dll
• xinput9_1_0.dll

Delete x360ce.exe, x360ce.ini and all XInput DLLs from the game's executable directory.

Dead Zone problems:
Some games have control issues when Dead Zone is reduced to 0%.

Increase the Anti-Dead Zone value, if there is a gap between the moment, when you start to push the axis-related button, and the reaction in-game.

Some controllers will only operate in-game if they are set as “GamePad”. Try to:
1. Run x360ce.exe
2. Select [Controller #] tab page with your controller.
3. Open [Advanced] tab page.
4. Set the "Device Type" drop-down list value to GamePad.
5. Click the [Save] button.
6. Close x360ce Application, run game.

Only one controller, mapped to PAD1, may work correctly in some games. Try to:
1. Run x360ce.exe
2. Select the [Controller #] tab page corresponding to your controller.
3. Open the [Direct Input Device] tab page (visible when the controller is connected).
4. Set the "Map To" drop-down list value to 1.
5. Set "Map To" drop-down list values (repeat steps 2. to 4.) for other controllers, if you have them, too: 2, 3, or 4.
6. Click the [Save] button.
7. Close x360ce Application, run game.

To use more than one controller in-game, you may need to combine them. Try to:
1. Run x360ce.exe
2. Select the [Controller #] tab page corresponding to your additional controller.
3. Open the [Advanced] tab page.
4. Set the "Combine Into" drop-down list value to One.
5. Select [Options] tab page.
6. Check the "Enable Combining" check-box. (Note: Uncheck the "Enable Combining" check-box, when you want to configure the controller.)
7. Click the [Save] button.
8. Close x360ce Application, run game.

If [Controller #] tab page light won't turn green / Red light on [Controller #] tab page:
• The controller profile loaded may match the name of your controller, but not actually be for the controller you own.
• There just might not be a profile for your control at all. The light should turn green once the 2 sticks, triggers, and D-pad are assigned. Sometimes x360ce.exe application needs to be restarted, after assigning these, for the light to turn green.
• The controller profile might have PassThrough (check-box) enabled.
• The DInput state of the controller might be incorrect due to an application crashing previously and not unloading the controller or some other reason. Opening up Joy.CPL (Set Up USB Game Controllers) and clicking the [Advanced] button, and then Okaying out of the window, that appears, can fix it.

NGEmu X360CE Forum Help
If you have more questions about installation or configuration, please go to NGEmu X360CE Forum or search for solutions on Google and YouTube.

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