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The open-source game console
Lakka is a lightweight Linux distribution that transforms a small computer into a full-blown retrogaming console.

Lakka is the official Linux distribution of Small RetroArch iconRetroArch and the libretro ecosystem. Each game system is implemented as a libretro core, while the frontend RetroArch takes care of inputs and display.

Built on top of the famous RetroArch emulator, Lakka is able to emulate a large range of hardware and has some useful features such as Braid-like rewinding, joypad hotplug, and video streaming.

User friendly
Lakka is easy to set up and use. Once installed to your SD card, you just have to put your rom on the card, plug your joypad and enjoy your favorite old games.

Low cost
The hardware required to run Lakka cost only $35. We also support PS3 and XBox360 controllers so you don't have to buy new ones. The power can be supplied by any micro USB adapter like the one of your smartphone.

Our code is free as in freedom and hosted on Github. We accept external contributions, and we do our best to integrate our own patches into upstream projects.

Lakka is the official Linux distribution of RetroArch and the libretro ecosystem.

Each game system is implemented as a libretro core, while the frontend RetroArch takes care of inputs and display. This clear separation ensures modularity and centralized configuration.

Supported Systems
Lakka is able to emulate the systems listed below. Of course, some systems have more requirements than others and will run too slow on weak hardware. Our documentation details what hardware is needed to run each system at a decent speed.

Atari - 2600
Atari - 7800
Atari - Jaguar
Atari - Lynx
Atari - ST
Bandai - WonderSwan Color
Bandai - WonderSwan
Cave Story
FB Alpha - Arcade Games
GCE - Vectrex
Game and Watch
Magnavox - Odyssey2
Microsoft - MSX
Microsoft - MSX2
NEC - PC Engine - TurboGrafx 16
NEC - PC Engine SuperGrafx
Nintendo - Famicom Disk System
Nintendo - Game Boy Advance
Nintendo - Game Boy Color
Nintendo - Game Boy
Nintendo - Nintendo 64
Nintendo - Nintendo DS
Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo - Satellaview
Nintendo - Sufami Turbo
Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo - Virtual Boy
SNK - Neo Geo Pocket Color
SNK - Neo Geo Pocket
Sega - 32X
Sega - Dreamcast
Sega - Game Gear
Sega - Master System - Mark III
Sega - Mega-CD - Sega CD
Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis
Sega - PICO
Sega - Saturn
Sega - SG-1000
Sinclair - ZX 81
Sinclair - ZX Spectrum
Sony - PlayStation Portable
Sony - PlayStation

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