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Dxbx - Original Xbox Emulator




Dxbx, an Xbox1 High-Level Emulator written in Delphi. Dxbx has its own kernel, emulates controllers, sound, and graphics, and offers a toolchain for Xbox executables, library and symbol-pattern files. It runs many SDK samples and some game-intros.

Dxbx (a Delphi port of Cxbx) is an emulator for running Xbox games on Windows 2000 and higher.
Emulating an Xbox is a daunting task, so there's no guarantee that any game will work.
Emulation is done by a High-Level abstraction of the Xbox system.
This means that any game that accesses the hardware directly will not work.

Emulation Notes
The Dxbx project implements a different function detection method, which has both positive and negative consequences:
The nice thing is, that it will make it easier for us to debug non-working games (so, in theory, we have an easier job in supporting new games).
The downside is, that our detection method won't work with so-called link-time optimized games - so we won't support those (yet).

  • Emulates many Xbox SDK samples
  • Contains an Xbox executable viewer and other tools
  • Implements many Xbox kernel APIs
  • Uses Direct3D8 for graphics, and emulates Xbox pixel shaders
  • Contains a sophisticated customizable symbol detection engine

Shortcut keys (interface)
Alt+F4 = Terminate Application
Alt+S  = Focus filter
Enter  = Start Emulation
F5     = Start Emulation

Shortcut keys (during emulation)
Alt+F4    = Terminate Application
Alt+Enter = Enter Fullscreen
ESC       = Leave Fullscreen
F3        = Toggle Mute
F6        = Stop Emulation
F8        = Toggle Logging
F9        = Toggle Pushbuffer
F11       = Toggle Solid/Wireframe/Dot rendering
F12       = Create Screenshot

System requirements
CPU: A 1Ghz Pentium or better should suffice.
Memory: Running with less than 512 MB is not recommended.
Video: GPU with DirectX 8 support
Controller: Keyboard or Gamepad

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