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Redream - Sega Dreamcast Emulator for Android Windows Mac Linux


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  4. redream-dreamcast-emulator

DO NOT distribute this emulator with ANY Game/ROMs

Redream is a Sega Dreamcast emulator, enabling you to play your favorite Dreamcast games in high-definition.

High-Definition Gaming

Render your favorite Dreamcast classics in 1080p or 4k like they deserve.

Ready To Play
No controller configuration, no BIOS or flash files, just add games and play.

Great Compatibility
Over 84% of the Dreamcast's library is able to be played from start to finish.

Small Package, Monster Performance
Weighing in at less than 4 megabytes, this small package packs monster performance to produce a smooth 60 Hz even on decade-old desktops and mobile phones.

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and now Android and the Raspberry Pi 4, you can re-experience the Dreamcast anywhere you go.

* Fix regression causing some 2D games (e.g. Gunlord) to render a black screen.
* Fix regression with Skies of Arcadia clouds during the intro.
* Fix regression with skies in Wacky Races.
* Fix missing touchpad in Sonic Adventure 2.
* Fix missing shadow volumes in NFL 2K.
* Fix field textures in NFL 2K.
* Fix black ice in NHL 2K2 replays.
* Fix missing textures in WSB 2K2.
* More rendering optimizations.

Download ZArchiver for Android

Download WinRAR for Windows and Android

Note : this is Split APKs first  Install Split APKs Installer and install Redream apk

Facing any Issues Download Regarding. 
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Note :- Notify me when releasing a new version

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